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Wow, this is the first Sunday I have really engaged with my children for the last 3 weeks, thankfully they didn’t notice my absence thanks to the diligent efforts of family and friends. Now back into the swing of blogging and a question posted by Jamie Robbins caught my attention, and inspired the thoughts presented in this post. Thanks Jamie! Her post entitled Ipads, Laptops or Tablet¬†encourages the reader to consider how ICTs have been embraced or ignored within different practicum contexts, and what the ICT preference of the school for which you attended prac. For example did they prefer to integrate ipads or laptops, and how were they used. The school I attended had an interactive smartboard and 4 laptops clustered in a corner of the classroom. These computers were used to engage in independent tasks associated with literacy groups and maths groups (e.g reading eggs and mathletics), but not conducive to group work associated with self directed learning.

I guess it wouldn’t matter what type of technology was being implemented in the classroom as long as students were able to explore the potential of ICTS with the guidance of the teacher. Although the school I attended was considered low socio economic, I wonder how many students had access to the internet via a mobile phone? I was really disappointed, to learn that many parents did not permit their children to access the internet at home, despite the students pleading with their parents to show the sliderocket we had edited during class, or the hyperlinked website we had used to explore MAB blocks (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives). It seems that the students who are permitted to explore and practice the ICT capabilities prescribed by The Australian Curriculum¬†may be at a slight advantage for future learning. Perhaps this represents a fixed vs flexible mindset explored earlier in this course??

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