Bring on the competition

Nothing like a timer to create a little competitive fun. Mrs Pouter, and Kylie Walsh have all blogged about the benefits of the online timer. I used one of these fun timers whilst on prac, the kids loved it! The online timer was used when students would have to work in small groups or when their fruit break was finished, and the final 10 seconds were a lot of fun. However like everything in a year 1 class there were rules:

  • Writing must be neat and able to be read
  • Noise must be kept at a minimum for the final 10 seconds
  • If you do not finish the assigned work before the timer, then it will be completed during lunch- student choice
  • If there is a question of relevance, the timer will be paused while the question is answered and clarified.


I wouldn’t use this method for literacy groups or maths groups because students may deviate their focus from the learning at hand and focus on the time left on the timer, which may result in learning objectives not being achieved. However, as I have observed the Year 1’s response to the implementation of the class Dojo and Fun timers, it would seem that a little competition can have some fantastic results.

Click on the screen shot below to be taken to Fun timers.


One thought on “Bring on the competition

  1. Hi Jen,
    I think timers definitely have a place in the classroom as they can be a lot of fun. I also agree with you in that the ‘when’ and ‘where’ they are used during the school day is an important aspect to consider
    Great post

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