Are you Signed up to 21st Century Fluency Project?

Today I read a great post by Teacherpetty¬†(Kate)¬†regarding the Scootle news email which provides information on TPACK and how it is related to the Australian National Curriculum. Kate asserts that this website would be a valuable addition to anyone embarking on their practucum experience, and I would have to agree, it’s awesome! I have also signed up for the 21st Century Fluency Project and become a committed sardine, which is a blog site developed by Lee Crocket, with a focus on 21st century literacy skills and informing educators. To me this is like the “best of” twitter without having to filter tweets. I have responded to several blog posts and received informative and timely feedback, which I think is an important quality for anyone maintaining a blog. I know we have signed up for many sites during the course of EDC3100 and they are difficult to keep track of at the best of times, but this one is definitely a worthwhile addition to your PLN. Is there any other sites and sign ups that I am missing out on? Please let me know.

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    • Hi Fawn I really enjoyed reading your blog and am glad you found some of the links provided helpful. I liked your comment about learning with and through ICTs for us preservice teachers. I am worried that what I think will be a really engaging lesson for students using ICTs will actually be quite boring for them. I think you are on the right track, the ipad applications are the way to go. Have you tried Haiku Deck? Its similar to a powerpoint but much simpler to use.
      Look forward to reading more,

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