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The focus for this weeks learning path was preparing students to embark on their practicum experience. This is not our first practicum, but I would have to say that it is the first time we have been provided with detailed information on the types of feedback and evidence we should collect for our portfolios, and using the learning pathway to prepare for the experience. For me there is a mixture of nerves, excitement and needing to get organised, which has lead me to this fantastic website that provides a kind of checklist for before, during and after prac.

Practicum Online provides the following 5 Modules:

  • Getting to Know Organisations
  • Preparing and Planning to go
  • Negotiating the Workplace Culture
  • Learning in Workplace Contexts
  • Surviving the Practicum

I found Module 4 to be a particularly good read with regards to focussing on yourself as a learner during the practicum experience. The following are some things to consider for yourself as a learner.

Motivation: identify your goals and what you want to achieve during this prac

Intentionality: Planning your learning and that of the students you will teach

Self Awareness: Artculating your strengths and limitations with regards to the teaching contxt

Adapatbility: Preparing for and responding to changes and challenges.


I am thinking a formula for our personal learning journey might be something like planing+learning+reflecting=growth. Remember ICTs will also support our learning as we embark on this experience. We still have 3 weeks to prepare resources, wardrobe, rewards, review behaviour management policies, routines and schedules but I think its probably a good idea to start getting organised because it will be here before we know it. Good luck everyone

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    • Thanks for the pingback Mrs Poulter, as always your comments and endorsements are much appreciated. I can’t believe prac is just around the corner, do you have your class details yet? Wishing you the best of luck and look forward to reading your blog posts
      Kind regards,

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    • Thanks so much Natalie I found the website really helpful- imagine not having anyone organised to take the kids to the dentist while you are on prac. I enjoyed your other links also
      Kind regards,

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    • Hi Mrs Frintzilas,
      Thanks so much for the acknowledgment! I enjoyed reading your to do list and you have added some important considerations before beginning prac placement. I believe being organised will also instill confidence in our ability, as you mention being ready with a plan B in case internet access is not possible.
      Good luck with your placement, I think your class will be lucky to have someone like you, and I look forward to reading about your experiences
      Kind regards,

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks so much for the endorsement, I loved the website which alerted me to some considerations I had not even thought of, in a very easy to read format. I also received the Scootle news today, what a great addition to Scootle and especially for us pre service teachers who are about to embark on prac and demonstrate our ICT skills. I should imagine Scootle news will be well receivd by all members of the teaching community.
      What year will you be teaching at prac? I have a delightful year one class who I am really looking forward to working with, I don’t think they have explored the potential of ICTs in the classroom yet and am hoping to enrich their learning.
      Kind regards,

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  6. Once again Jen you have provided some amazing resources.
    I will be looking at the practicum online for sure. I love the fact that you mentioned wardrobe in the mix of what to prepare.

    I have worn a uniform to work for the past 10 years ( not the same one everyday) but now I have to find items to suit the weather and the day to teach for three weeks.

    I visited the local store with a red target in the window. Purchased 2 items for this reason. Went to the school for an orientation day and within half an hour had lost 3 buttons!! Thankkfully it was a really cool day and I was wearing a jacket.

    Tried and tested before they are sold I dont think so!

    • Hi Fawn,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, I had to laugh when I read about your missing buttons, I had one of those shirts too I am sure. The last prac I attended I wore a shirt that every time I reached up to write on the whiteboard the shirt rode up with it, by the end of the day I was very good at sucking it all in!! Do you have your class assignment yet? Good luck with your placement, I look forward to reading about your experiences.
      Kind regards,

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