If you blog sir, you can Glogster!

If you can blog sir, you can glogster

You can gloster all day long sir.                                                               

You can glog about a dog,

And embed a jumping frog.

You can do it, you will see

Just read this post, it’s written by me!           




This week in EDC 3100 we were introduced to the concept of infographics which are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge to provide essential information clearly and accurately. This need for instant and appealing information is characteristic of 21st century learners and can be fulfilled with multimedia programs that inspire creativity and generate instant information. Glogster is an award winning program that utilises multimedia to catch the viewer’ s attention. Its like an online poster that has come to life with video, audio, images and text.

I signed up for the 30 day free trial, as one of the teachers at my daughter’s school had recommended it, as did one of the learning activities for the week. Once you are signed in you can start virtually straight away, or view some of the tutorials to guide you through the dynamic process of creating a glog , but even with my generic ICT skills, I jumped straight in and was able to navigate my way around fairly easily. It’s very similar to creating a blog or website, with a hint of online scrapbooking to make it really SPARKLE. The other feature that sets this program apart from the rest is the ability to find and upload Youtube and Vimeo videos within the site. This feature saves time by eliminating the need to transfer data from Youtube for example, and upload again onto your Glog. Up until now I have had very little luck embedding mp3s into any sort of visual presentation, unless of course you pay for the upgrade, but Glogster allowed you to experience the full range of the glogs capabilities, and again easy to insert. I also had a lot of fun manipulating the frames around the pictures to fit in with a Dr Seuss theme.

There were a couple of things that I thought could be improved upon though, such as brief annotations to describe the function of a tool when you scroll your mouse across the symbol, to prevent losing data or undoing a process that you didn’t want. I also had a few formatting questions that could have been answered easily if directed to the start up guide or FAQ section. This is a feature that most other online presentation tools have and one that you miss it when its not there. Trial and error was also beneficial though as it allowed me to explore the special features of Glogster, such as background layout and animated stickers which appeal to both genders and all age groups.  The worst part for me was waiting the few seconds for the media to upload, before I could add the finishing touches offered.

Glogster would be an asset to any classroom, for both teachers and students, and could be used in the following ways:

  • school news letter
  • group project
  • weekly homework
  • parent communication
  • promote school initiatives and values
  • School rules
Please click on the image to your right to view my glog, its still in its infantile stages but certainly has potential for Year 1 students and prac. Please let me know what you think by posting a comment.

Images courtesy of creators own collection

Linda, S.  (1939). The Lion Sleeps Tonight [recorded by G. Weiss]. On Kids Fun: Games, Songs and Sing- A-Longs [CD]. Turn Up the Music


13 thoughts on “If you blog sir, you can Glogster!

  1. Hi Jenni,

    This looks like a fun an interesting website. I love the idea of the digital poster and yes I believe the children would love this. It’s another great way to present the children’s achievements and learning. Thank you for bring this is my attention as I belive it will be one that I would use in a classroom.

    Michelle Poulter

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much for your post. There are so many great tools out there to integrate into the classroom. I am now on a mission to find out how students can become creators of this technology and not just consumers of these programs. I am asking myself the question, “If I was to create an application or presentation software, what would I need to know and how would I go about accessing the information? In other words we can create games on sites like gamemaker (http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/mac) but how did the creators design the software for the website? I believe our students will need this knowledge to succeed beyond school.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Vivien,
      the link is down the bottom underneath the 2 green squares- one says “for your classroom” and the other says “for schools and districts.” Directly underneath that is the text “try it with a 30 day free trial” in green writing. Hope this helps let me know how you go with it, and post it for all to see,

  3. Hi Jenni,

    You Blog Page is very professional and you have some interesting posts. Thankyou for your comments on my Blog Page. I had a look at your website and looks like lots of fun.


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  5. Hi Jenni,

    I loved your glog – and especially the rhyme to introduce this post 🙂

    You inspired me to have a go at creating an infographic, I used Piktochart and am happy with the result but will try Glogster next time because I like the way that you could embed video clips and music!

    Have blogged about my experience with Piktochart if you are interested –> http://mrsgfritz.edublogs.org/2013/03/08/week-two-reflection-two/

    Thanks for a great post!

    • Hi Emma,
      I love a good Dr Seuss rhyme and that one had been playing in my head all day so I had to write it down. Sorry to hear about your experience with piktochart but your finished looks fantastic. You can view Emma’s infographic at http://emmasmolenaers.edublogs.org/2013/03/13/infographics/. I like the idea of sharing our experiences with using technology as when time is so precious we can trust the advice of our friends in EDC 3100 to allow us to engage in programs that have been tried and tested. Will you be using an infographic for your assignment?
      kind regards,

      • Hi Jenni,

        Yes I am thinking about creating an infographic for my assignment – I was only turned off the idea by the fact that it doesn’t call for a lot of words but have seen David’s post in a forum today that the 1000 words doesn’t really apply if it doesn’t suit the tool used. Whatever I choose I think I need to draft my ideas in Word first, then decide on the best way to present them!

        Mrs Frintzilas, I agree that Glogster would be very popular among Year 1s!



        PS: I love a good Dr Seuss rhyme too – have been reading his books to my daughter pretty much since the day she was born!

    • Hi Jenni,

      Your Glogster is wonderful! Great job. You have inspired me to give it a go, when I have a spare minute that is. I could imagine how this would become a very popular tool in a Year 1 setting.


      Mrs Frintzilas

  6. Hi Jenni,

    This is fantastic. I love the music but wonder how you got around the copyright aspect of making this Glog?

    I would be very interested to know as I chose to remove and recreate at the last minute my music for my artefact that was in my you tube video.

    When I posted it to you tube it came up with a box saying 3rd party content ( read music from iTunes), so I removed it, went to Creative commons and chose some other no where near as effective music but at least I dont have t worry about copyright.



    • Hi Fawn,
      Thanks so much for bringing the copyright issue to my attention, I have since added a reference to support the addition of this song from my private itunes library. When you have kids and long car trips its always good to have a few of these in the CD player. I just wanted to demonstrate how versatile the glogster was in allowing the user to insert different forms of media into one platform. Naively I assumed that because it was from my private library it would not have to be further referenced. I wonder why you were faced with so many problems when trying to insert your music into youtube? I’m sure you’re artifact will be great with or without music.
      Kind regards,

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