Teaching an old dog new tricks

This time last week I used facebook on occasion, but more to read about the activities of friends and family rather than update information of my own, checked emails, and text messaged using cutting edge abbreviated language, LOL. This week I have tweeted using twitter, blogged, engaged in an online collaborative classroom, used diigo for social bookimarking and understood the importance of and subscribed to an RSS feed. This dog isn’t just doing new tricks, she is performing cartwheels!

The most profound benefit from engaging in these different forms of connectivism is that I am no longer searching the google web browser for information because numerous resources and websites pertaining to education and the effective implementation of ICTs are finding their way into my inbox. This is information that I didn’t know I needed until it was sent to me. For example today this information was tweeted into my inbox with a familiar ping, 20+Storybook Creation Tools and Apps by Shelly S Terrell. As I mentioned this was not information I was looking for but may form an essential component of my prac activities, to integrate ICTs into the English curriculum for Year 1 students in a fun and engaging way.

yee ha

2 thoughts on “Teaching an old dog new tricks

  1. Hi Jenni,

    Another great post. I am glad to see you have learnt a new trick – doing cartwheels. I like you have been using Diigo, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, responding to blogs and using a RSS feed reader to manage the blogs I want to follow. In fact, to show you the importance of the RSS feed reader to me, I just did my nightly check of all new posts and your post caught my eye. Had I not have subscribed your blog to my feed reader I may have never seen it. The power of connectivism is really taking shape, I now can taste my PLN forming. From my feeder, I took what was significant to me, your post (as I could deeply relate to it) and decided to jump on and comment.

    Maybe I have gone over the top, but I am now following roughly 100 people on twitter. However, while this seems like a lot, I am really liking the simplicity of twitter and the shortness of the posts. Each day I go through twitter and check to see what is relevant to me.

    We really have come a far way since this time last week. Our PLN is fast developing and there is no stopping it now.

    Look forward to following you further. Can’t wait to see the next trick you learn! Whether it be a backflip or a handstand, can’t wait to see or hear about it via my RSS feed reader.


    Mrs Frintzilas

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